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Well-known is drinking tea is a thing that has profit very much to human body, so the person was going up the good habit that should be developed into to drink tea regularly after age. And tea is had to divide ammonia in tea, tea phenolic amine is right of the person fight oxidize and fall blood pressure is having very apparent effect. After but still have a few people,drinking tea, discovered to unwell symptom appears on him body, do some people drink tea pass water with respect to him discovery frequent how be to return a responsibility?

 How does the pee that drink tea return a responsibility often

Drink the 4 big gain of tea

1 fall blood pressure

Consider to make clear, incidence of a disease is the person hypertension that does not drink tea about 10.55% , the person of tipple tea, incidence of a disease is insufficient 7% , although the numeric difference between them is not very big, but also prove to drink tea to be able to fall blood pressure.

2 poison fight consenescence

The tea in tea is much more phenolic, can keep clear of the oxygen of body interior bacterium of path of bowel of freedom radical, improvement group, reduce body fat to form, having admirable effect to counteractive consenescence. Multinomial research shows, drink tea second half hour, blood fights oxidation ability to enhance 41%~48% , this defies oxidation defers the port with having principal for consenescence.

3 enhance immune power

The person of tipple tea falls ill not easily, research says, generation of the meeting inside the human body that loves to drink tea fights virus interferon in great quantities, its content is the person that does not drink tea of 10 times, this kind of interferon can raise ability of human body immunity effectively to resist disease.

 How does the pee that drink tea return a responsibility often

4 fight cancer

Rich chlorophyll, β is contained in tea – the nurture such as carotene is qualitative, have fight cancer admirably, fight tumor action, constant drink can help National People’s Congress reduce odds contracting cancer greatly.

Everything has two sides sex, alleged Things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme. , drink tea especially, drink tea undeserved, also be can healthy to the harm.

Drink tea so very injury kidney!

Protect kidney to want to absorb moisture more, drink tea to be able to reduce the happening of kidney stone, believe a lot of tea are friendly somewhat hear of, but the wrong way that drink tea not only cannot protect kidney, hurt kidney instead. Love Shanghai is the same as a city1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Fall in love with the sea

1 excessive drinks tea

Tea contains tea party of fluorine excessive drink to damage a kidney. Because the kidney is fluorine basically excrete an organ, when airframe absorbs what excessive fluorine exceeds kidney to excrete ability, bring about fluorine to be inside body save up, the kidney contains fluorine to estimate apparent increase. The experiment makes clear, stop the fluorine of nephritic excessive can cause animal kidneyFall in love with the sea

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Coriaceous damage with medullary kidney canaliculus.

2 hollow drink tea

Many theine is contained in tea, have very big stimulation and hearten effect to human body, can quicken a heartbeat to bring about palpitate thereby, and stimulative kidney micturition, the burden of aggravating kidney, the meeting below severe case harms kidney function, the influence is healthy, be sure to keep in mind so not hollow drink tea.

 How does the pee that drink tea return a responsibility often

3 had drunk strong tea

Oxalic acid is contained a lot ofin tea, tipple strong tea can cause make water of tall oxalic acid, in make waterLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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In the road easy form oxalic acid calcic stone, cause kidney stone thereby. And had drunk strong teaFall in love with the sea

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, can make nephritic micturition frequent, and the burden of aggravating kidney hurts kidney thereby. So, drink tea daily or drink weak tea to had been compared.

4 edges drink tea edge to drink

Somebody thinks, wine hind drinks strong tea, have ” sober up ” action, this is a kindShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Misunderstanding. Drinking tea alone won’t hurt kidney, but if you have an edge to drink,the edge drinks tea, perhaps use strong tea dispel the effects of alcohol, that hurts kidney likely.

Because alcohol enters liver hind, decompose through enzymatic action for water and carbon dioxide, outside body of classics kidney eduction. And tea is alkaline action of advantageous make water, the tea that contains in tea is alkaline, the aldehyde that it can make had be notted decompose enters a kidney prematurely. And aldehyde has very big harm to the kidney action, endanger nephritic health.

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