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Carrot is the vegetable with very high value of a nutrition not only, actually carrot still is 100Forum of Shanghai noble baby

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Those who build is vegetable, it and a lot of feed material to be fried together make can develop the taste with a particular carrot. And the color of carrot is more bright-coloured, because this also can make maw mouth big on visual concussion,leave. Actually aubergine also can match together with carrot, so what is the way that use aubergine and carrot collocation have together?

The practice of aubergine carrot

Aubergine burns carrot


Aubergine 250 grams, carrot 1, garlic powder 1 valve, onion powder is right amount, dry starch is right amount, water starch is right amount, salt is right amount, soy is right amount, candy (brown sugar is best) right amount, vegetable oil 1 spoon


After 1. aubergine cuts a inch to grow hob piece, add salt bloats 20 minutes

2. carrot cuts hob piece, compare aubergine piece slightly Xiao

3. bloats when aubergine, do other to intend the work (preparative garlic powder, water of mix up of onion powder; is amylaceous, to entering soy and candy, soy and candy scale 3: 1, all one’s life adds half onion powder again, garlic powder)1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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After 4. aubergine has bloated, rinse twice with water, drop works, reoccupy pasteboard towel is patted gently dry, the recipient that is put into to work li

5. asperses a few to do starch to be on aubergine, shake make aubergine is stuck equably go up thin despise a starch

6. does not stick boiler to put two spoon oil, after oily heat (remove ripple but not fumy) , put aubergine, carrot, break up fry

7. fire becomes in low, powder of overwork half onion, garlic powder, break up fry, add touch salt

The practice of aubergine carrot

Xiao hang

1. drives the word of time, leave out measure 1 jump over with 5 (aubergine tender better, otherwise need not salt is met have acerbity taste)

2. has used do not stick boiler, because starch is allowed1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Stick boiler easily

3. oil can be put more, after aubergine rotted, can spit oil actually come, can go to redundant oil before condiment of the starch that add water go out

The aubergine when 4. asperses starch wants to work

The practice of aubergine carrot

Aubergine burns tomato

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Aubergine 4, tomato 1, garlic valve 4 valve, unripe draw 1 spoon, wet the seed powder of Gorgon euryale


1. aubergine cuts hob piece, salt is controlled 15 minutes, drop does water portion to reserve. Garlic valve is patted broken. Tomato stripping and slicing

2. fries boiler to put oil to burn heat, put aubergine decoct yellow molten, put tomato stir-fry before stewing to fry, add salt, candy, unripe smoke fry tomato soft, the valve that add garlic fries divide evenly, drench on wet the seed powder of Gorgon euryale ticks off Gorgon euryale can1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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