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The person that believes to had eaten mustard knows mustard is to have very big excitant, a lot of people cannot eat go down mustard, because mustard is stimulating,also be, so mustard has the effect of the helminth inside very strong antiseptic digestive intestines and stomach, eat 3 article fish raw to must match so mustard is such reason. To the nutrient value of mustard and officinal effect, hope everybody can understand the content of chapter of one later development.

 Mustard is antiseptic

Mustard can be antiseptic

Mustard has very strong alexipharmic function, can rise antiseptic with the effect that eliminates digestion helminth, what can solve piscine crab is poisonous, reason is unripe feed the seafood food such as 3 article fish to deserve to go up via regular meeting mustard. Additional, mustard still has deodorization effect.

Mustard knows an error

Normally people suffers all sorts of ” preserve one’s health ” , ” dietotherapyForum of Shanghai night net

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” the guiding of view of and so on, think mustard has very strong alexipharmic function, what can solve piscine crab is poisonous. Actually mustard just contains salt of rich different sulfur cyanic acid, salt of different sulfur cyanic acid can be restrained microbial grow. The seafood assist of easy addle eats with mustard, besides render palatable appetizing beyond, still can restrain delicacy to feed in the appreciably before digesting in microbial multiply. But if be opposite,the character of seafood has suspicion, no matter whether assist ought not to take food with mustard. MustardShanghai noble baby

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End can not treat bromatoxism.

 Mustard is antiseptic

How is mustard sauce moved

Mustard, because he is mixed tartly,taste pungently, the person that still can have a lot of is relative defy, cannot accept the flavour of this appearance. But for the person to liking mustard, the person that defies mustard is what cannot experience mustard is delicate. The person that never has contacted mustard begins to contact the beginning with edible best mustard is edible mustard sauce.

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, also weigh mustard, mustard hot or mustard thick chili sauce, mustard sauce is other people of a kind of cinnamon stiff account, have intense and bright taste, by leaf mustardleaf mustard kind vegetable seed is abrade mix into water, vinegar or wine kind modulation and into, also can add spice or be other additive Jie in order to add sweet or it is to grace, if add turmeric (grace reach add sweet) .

So how oneself start work modulation mustard sauce? The method is very simple, feed capable person ready, go seeing the whole measure of modulation mustard sauce and craftsmanship together.

Raw material reachs a recipe: 300~700g of thickener of mustard pink 20kg, white vinegar, white sugar 1~2kg of salt of 40~50kg of each 2kg water

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1, mustard pink should choose raw material the beautiful with fresh, deeper colour and lustre is tasted.

2, smash mustard meal with disintegrator, granuality asks to be in 80 eye above, finer better.

3, 20kg mustard fine pink adds 40~50A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
Kg Wen Shui is moved into mushy, join 1kg white vinegar to move PH value to be 5~6.

4, in putting the mustard paste of mix up acid interlining bowl, lid upper cover is sealed, open vapour, make the mash inside boiler warms up to be controlled to 80 ℃ , be in 2~3h of some of the heat preservation on temperature.

5, dissolve thickener first, match Cheng Rong to spend for the glue shape fluid of 4% . White sugar, salt uses a few water to dissolve, with the mustard that already had matched paste mixes, rejoin thickener, agitate is mustard sauce namely equably.

6, inside the vitreous bottle that good modulation mustard sauce loads clean, via disinfection of sterilization of 70~80 ℃ , 30 ℃ , refrigeration hind is finished product namely.

 Mustard is antiseptic

The magical function of mustard

1, will tell to arthritic patient, have very good acetanilide effect, mustard is added in bathing water, after bubble, be fond of keenly feel to disappear immediately.

2, in the winter when, if caught a cold, hear mustard, can make you nose aerate free.

3, food appears undesirable digestive moment, use a mustard, can improve dyspeptic symptom.

4, summer when, a mustard is put in the bedroom, the mosquito won’t be bitten.

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