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Many people to let his the job in the morning is mixed study is more businesslike, can choose to drink a cup of coffee to raise his spirit when getting up in the morning so. And the material that the caffein that contains as a result of the place in coffee is a kind of stimulation, so if a lot of people are hollow if drinking coffee, meetLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touchFall in love with the sea

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Produce sick condition, produce the phenomenon of uncomfortable have loose bowels easily especially. Is the abdomen that drinks coffee to bring about uncomfortable how should be solved?

 Drink coffee abdomen uncomfortable

Most person can be in empty in the morning abdomen drinks coffee, when working in the morning, the stomach often has the feeling of faint pain, return somebody to be able to produce palpitation. The doctor says, coffee has a lot of unbeknown profit, want people to know only timely, right amount, can gain a lot of benefit.

■ Western medicine: Not hollow drink also have stimulation

Doctor of acute of Liu of Beijing Pu Ren hospital introduces, coffee can stimulate hydrochloric acid in gastric juice to secrete, so even if is drinkable below not hollow condition, also can be opposite the stomach is stimulating, the person that has gastric ulcer more should bring to sb’s attention.

But at the same time, coffee also is great to the advantage of human body. Say simply, a few the effect that coffee has stable mind, have life-giving effect in great quantities. In addition, because coffee is belonged to,do not have caloric drink, come down in normal food so drinkable coffee, return the result that can achieve health to reduce weight.

 Drink coffee abdomen uncomfortable

■ doctor of traditional Chinese medicine: Make easily ” gastric gas gets hurt “

Doctor Wei introduces kingdom of hospital of Beijing traditional Chinese medical science, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is told ” stomach advocate accept offer ” , maw is to accept alimental position. Hollow and drinkable originally stimulating coffee, cause very easily ” gastric gas gets hurt ” , affect gastric function therebyLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Digest and absorb. The crowd such as liver ill patient, digestion disease patient, pregnant woman, child does not suit drinkable coffee.

 Drink coffee abdomen uncomfortable

Cure of Chinese and Western suggests jointly:

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Not hollow and drinkable, proper edible a few biscuit suitable. A day with 2 to 3 cups of coffee most right amount, can stabilize the intense sentiment in the job.

When 2. drinks coffee, no matter cold heat should drink a few plain boiled water. Such doing is OK peculiar smell of purify oral cavity, so that betterLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Savour; 2 because coffee has diuresis function,be, drink Bai Shui more, can increase micturition amount, protect kidney function, also need not worry at the same time drink coffee to meet ” suffer from excessive internal heat ” .

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