To Fujian of ticket of Pu railroad motor-car entrance ticket of area of 50 many scene can enjoy privilege

Debut to Pu railroad, main city will be formed inside the Fujian Province 1 encircle to 2 hours of lives, two provinces travel strides Fujian another name for Jiangxi Province ” period of high speed travel ” , “Cross a province to swim ” will become ” periphery swims ” . For this, at present two provinces roll out Fujian another name for Jiangxi Province travel of all sorts of tall iron motor-car cover ticket privilege activity or travel rewards measure, prepare for war to swim to Pu railroad motor-car.

Among them, to Pu railroad enlightened day comes by December, the Fuzhou of Fujian along the line, 3 bright, 3 ground city makes an appointment with Pu Tian privilege of collective of area of 50 many main condition yields benefit, roll out the 8 relevant privilege that lose the following entrance ticket.

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Travel agent swims into Fujian have money reward

Debut to Pu railroad, I save each district to publish travel agent to reward policy into Fujian in succession, arouse travel agent to solicit the enthusiasm to passenger source of Pu railroad along the line. Be like 3 lane 7 alley, receive a company altogetheringly to recieve by the tourist that to 3 lane to Pu railroad 7 alley visit, price of ag阿爱上海同城

reement of the bill that press couplet 5 after losing close an account, accumulative total number is mixed in 100 people of 500 people above, give the ground to receive a company 10, 20 yuan / the award that the person differs. Every of area of scene of hot spring of drive of hill of high official position forms a delegation via what to Pu railroad travels company, every group strength reachs the tourism group of 10 people above, entrance ticket preferential price is 98 yuan / the person.

World culture and area of scene o爱上海同城手机版

f hill of exterminate of natural heritage fierce, roll out slow You Ka in the light of different crowd, among them 500 yuan can a person infinite number comes in and go out inside a year beauty spot, 235 yuan can infinite number comes in and go out inside one individual a week beauty spot.

Fuzhou still is held ” the most beautiful Gao Tiehang, joy swims Fuzhou ” scene area entrance ticket gives an activity. ~10 will be taken 26 days month on September 26 come to Pu railroad the passenger of Fuzhou, all but by ticket and effective certificate are free and draw-out that day entrance ticket of Fuzhou scene area.

Privilege of Jiangxi scene area greets Fujian visitor

Jiangxi scene area also developed activity of series travel sale, welcome the guest of F上海龙凤论坛

ujian. The reporter understands from Jiangxi tourism bureau, city of each district of Jiangxi of this bureau conformity and area of key travel scene rolled out circuitry of 6 big high-quality goods and measure of privilege of more than 80 travel in all, include source of hill of tiger of cottage hill, the Jinggang Mountains, 3 clear hill, dragon, Wu to wait for Fujian person familiar to the ear can the scene area of detailed. Via calculating, the scene area that participates in privilege gave out entrance ticket price is average the 7 favourable strength that lose.

Jiangxi tourism bureau concerns personage introduction, hit besides entrance ticket outside folding, the cableway of partial scene area, guesthouse also offers Fujian tourist special privilege in succession, privilege of price of cableway of beauty spot of 3 clear hill 20 yuan / person, hotel avoids 1 10 times in accommodation of the group on consultative price basis.

Fujian entrance ticket of area of 50 many scene by means of motor-car ticket privilege


Field, Hui An applies Hui Nvlin of small of beauty spot of recreation of green hill of bay of beauty spot of temple of small town of Hui Anju dragon, Hui Anjing peak, Hui Anqing hill, Hui An Lang general cemetery.

5 fol上海龙凤论坛sh1f


Tai Ning of geological park of world natural heritage, world is big Jin Hu, on Qing Xi, stockaded village issues big gorge to wait for area of 10 great respect, the peach source hole that area of scene of national 4A class always brings city, stone forest two scene area.

8 fold

Area of 5A class scene: White water of peaceful heart of world geological park is foreign – brook of an affectionate couple and scenery of national level key scenic spot beauty spot of Ou Qingyuan hill, Qing Yuanshan scenic spot area;

Area of 4A class scene: World geological park too famous city of culture of Lao hill, China history city of hill of ox of stone of 7 alley, moralization, Wu Yi hill installs 3 lane greatly travel of home of insularity of source, Mei continent goes vacationing area, , travel of countryside of 4 stars class runs division of scene of Chibi of unit happy peak, area of上海龙凤论坛

area of area of scene of chute of celestial being of moralization another name for Taishan Mountain, scene of hill of 9 celestial being, scene of ground of the Hakkas ancestor.爱上海同城对对碰


Area of scene of Home Yang brook 6 fold, area of scene of travel of zoology of Fujian river source 3.3 fold etc. (reporter plum enters Zhu Liping)

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