Shanghai points to shrink the volume is swelled 0.44% coloured board piece collective erupts subject matter go strong apparently

Zhou Erzao dish, two city in pairs is low leave. The performance before this is strong on card 50 appear now callback. But dish in nonferrous metal goes up greatly even more 3% , coal board piece go up 1.7% , dish in many harden. In addition subject matter gradually active, send high turn, lithium battery, second new etc attack on many take turns, market person enrages apparent promotion. Afternoon, two city billows not Jing, shanghai points to highest feel 上海龙凤论坛sh1f

to 3155 bits, most wave red.

Up to closing quotation, shanghai points to go up 0.44% , sign up for 3153 a little bit; Become greatly point to go up 1.04% , sign up for 10224 a little bit; Do poineering work board go up 1.13% , sign up for 1795 a little bit. Two city clinch a deal quantity appreciably is contractible.

Board piece respect, battery of nonferrous metal, coal, chemical industry, lithium, second new etc go up新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

a house before; ST board piece, safe, brew board piece dro爱上海同城

p a house before.

On message face, information of fundamental now finance and economics has: IPO of 30 companies inside year is denied to last business ability is differred be denied advocate because of; Outside intermediary: The member that country of 上海千花网论坛

Jimei of great empty odd cloud trades is accelerated make empty China share; Crossed season capital in June the relatively comfortable orgnaization that be not silver not anxious money; Social security fund year all investment gain rate accrual of 8.37% accumulative total eight hundred and twenty-two billion seven hundred and thirty-one million; One day evaporates science and technology of whole world of market prise of one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two dollars continuance drops greatly last week; Does concentrated survey deliver Xiao Yaqing a what great signal?

The orgnaization visits town

Promote job negotiable security: The market is right the anticipation of fluidity showed pessimism a bit June, when boots progressively be born, anticipate after arriving at low, the market or greet mood rehabilitate. The negotiable securities that start line of business returns judgement, grow will enter ” big become divided ” times, the part has what value of growth, appraise is born to already was adjusted上海千花网龙凤论坛

to reasonable interval inside stability is high grade grow had had configuration value currently, abnormal of value of unripe growth, appraise is tall, frequent inside lack ” taletelling ” of the sign that runs with capital will be abandoned by trend sex, proposal investor attention is handpick these ” grow really ” enterprise.

Founder negotiable securities: In June element of uncertainty of market inside and outside be about to ” end ” , anyhow, change A only moving rhythm, do not change moving trend. 5178 bits since, a adjust through a few rounds, internal composition already produced the change of essential sex, the market is done not have forever, changing is absolutely, changeless it is opposite, no matter be appraise value, still be the price, blue chip with grow to be in same scratch line basically to go up, “Seesaw ” by unilateral Xiang Shuang the edge is changed, “Error correction type ” smooth carry is A soon prospective total fundamental key. Light index, heavy, meet equipment of low attention high end is made, mix change, the country changes reach bottom to fill go up, evasive and succe上海千花社区

ssive go up exorbitant reach fill drop.

Country golden negotiable securities: Orgnaization investor apt ” conservative dig new ” , but embrace a group ” underestimate horse of value become known ” mainstream configuration style is short-term inside won’t end, probably will from ” beautiful 50 ” diffuse to ” beautiful 150 ” .

Enrol merchant fund: Hold in the opportunity on, the choice of mark still with industry defence Bai Malong head, high grade grow give priority to, partial early days drops to be able to pay close attention to appropriately to the variety that has certain and safe limit.

Gold of gain time base: From trade to look logically, appraise cost matchs outstanding achievement the growth, one second line that has industry place is blue prepared better performance, demonstrative prices may have diffuse. But in gain of the capital that put an amount play chess pattern falls, prices can be affected dispersedly too too durative. Although grow style or have show, but in-house become divided also is met aggravate, still need to insist to undertake a filtration of a mark with value standard.

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