The world hands in carry congress to initiate establish one belt to make an allied proposal all the way

The reporter learns 6 days from network of Chinese traffic news, with ” innovation leads · green confluence ” the 2017 worlds liaison man that gives priority to a problem carries congress to was in Beijing to kick off on June 5. The opening ceremony was given out ” hold water about initiating ” one belt all the way ” (international) the proposal of traffic a上海贵族宝贝论坛

lliance ” . This proposal is to come from ” one belt all the way ” many 40 delegate of 20 many countries and area is in along the line to be held on June 4 afternoon ” one belt all the way ” the achievement that international traffic forms jointly on cooperative round table.

Division of vice-chairman of countrywide the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, China assist minister爱上海同城论坛

of ministry of chairman, science and technology 10 thousand steel, undersecretary of traffic Department of Transportation wears Dong Chang, jilan Kabila of chairman of international road alliance, federation of international voyage society is advanced the vice-chairman hopes Shamu Xilale makes a speech on the opening ceremony. Highway of Li Chenglin of director of Economic Commission of finance of National People’s Congress of Liu Xiaofeng of vice-chairman of countrywide the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, whole nation, China learns brave of a surname of director old man to wait attend an opening ceremony. Chinese division assist Shang Yong of secretary of leading Party group, standing vice-chairman chairs an opening ceremony.

10 thousand steel point out, congress with ” innovation leads, green is sh新上海贵族宝贝论坛

irt-sleeve ” for the theme, with Chin爱上海龙凤419桑拿

a ” 935 ” the development concept height that the program raises agrees, with ” one belt all the way ” international puts forward on cooperative height forum ” interconnection each other is connected ” , in all business, build in all, the conception height that share is consistent. The scientist that he hopes Chinese traffic carries a territory, entrepreneur, controller and each country travel together one case, aim at traffic to carry the significant demand that science and technology innovates, drive traffic to carry the construction of the domain and scientific progress hand in hand,爱上海同城对对碰

let each country people share progress of science and technology and traffic to carry the new achievement of development.

Current, 10 thousand tons of class and above berth count course of development of operation of traffic of orbit of railroad of Chinese high speed, freeway, city and edge harbour mouth quantity, all rank the world the first, chinese traffic carries the gold period that has entered level of infrastructure development, ser爱上海同城手机版

vice to rise to develop with transition.

Dai Dongchang expresses, carriage congress of 2017 worlds liaison man is a grand occasion of carriage domain of world liaison man, it is filar road spirit and ” one belt all the way ” of the proposal specific fulfil and reflect. Change quickly of progress of science and technology, be sure to carry promotion to traffic ability, raise quality, improvement the generation such as environment of service, promotional safety, protection is great influence. Advanced to mark international level, chinese traffic Department of Transportation will continue to carry out innovation drive to develop the strategy deep, focusing is integrated traffic, the development direction of clear safety, convenient, efficient, green, economy, modern liaison man of perfect our country carries core technology system, promotion traffic carrying trade can expand capacity continuously. With science and technology innovation promotes traffic to carry happiness and benefit of development level, promotional society, it is world liaison man carries the collective task that face. The hope just represents development each delibrate communication, strengthen communication cooperation, drive world liaison man to carry career prosperity progress jointly.

After the opening ceremony, come from American traffic to carry association of road of courtyard of project of research council, Chinese Academy of Engineering, United States, world, China Shang Fei, China handed in 6 Chinese academician, experts to publish gist to report, big airlines of traffic of railroad of focusing high speed, intelligence, China, harbor bead bay the traffic such as big bridge construction carries topic of development forward position.

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