Homebred your work ” sword of thill of a small room 7 ” real opportunity demonstrates video mysterious girl appears

Now ” Xuan Yuan sword 7 ” official small gain was announced ” Xuan Yuan sword 7 ” first real opportunity demonstrates, the group that make filmed with real opportunity of perspective of the first person video, revealed make gain of level sex research and development newly. Real opportunity demonstr上海千花网交友

” sword of thi新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

ll of a small room 7 ” game setting is last years of a dynasty or reign of the Western Han Dynasty, come on stage in this generation will be Mohist School in a most mysterious — Shang Mo, come from ” sword of thill of a small room 4 ” in Bai Yu old person one arter上海千花网

ies and veins. Make newly the meet新上海贵族宝贝论坛

ing is right ” Mohist School ” , ” mechanism art ” have new explanatory note, deduce grand Xuan Yuan again epic. ” sword of thill of a small room 7 ” the thirteenth department work that is series, present as leading role by Cai Minghong, group of the DOMO below division of big house 爱上海同城

information is made. Game is used visional 4 engine undertake research and development is made, use brand-new and dynamic catch a system to strengthen deductive true degree. Besides elegant picture, also will bring for the player brand-new exp阿爱上海同城

erience of second for generations. Video cut pursues:

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