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Article introduction

Average person motion likes to wear very comfortable motion pants, but tight pants effect is being worn when ran is first-rate. The muscle that can let leg ministry not only gets constrictive, those who run is faster flexibility is big at the same time, pull muscle not easily. Still having a few tight pants is fast work model trousers, not only very comfortable when doing a few high strenth to move at the same time, the dress also can be answered quickly dry, the advantage that wears tight pants ran so is very big.

Ran wears tight pants

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Pants is better, because tight pants is more close-fitting, get hurt not easily.

1, basically be to be able to let crimple of muscle of your leg ministry, run quickly, this takes wrist support with the person that play basketball, the person of high jump takes ankle is same argument. The option of tight pants is more important also, should choose flexibility very close-fitting, pull not easily so, can get used to the campaign with relative a few more expensive strength, and motion letting a person rises to also feel a few more comfortable.

2, be told from material character, if be the word of professional athletic ran trousers,be tight breathe freely fast dry model, do not have a problem for certain so. The tight pants of the pure cotton and so on that if be,wears at ordinary times is not quite appropriate, if once the flexibility of this kind of trousers mixes ran,be appearedFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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The easy that temperament affects ran is measurable. If you are stone’s throw ran,wear which kinds of trousers to do not have too big impact however of course, dan Shu meets what sell at a discount greatly moderately. If the word of long-term ran suggests,still buy appropriate ran clothes had better.

Ran wears tight pants

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Why should ran wear tight pants

1, the fatigue that the athletic clothing such as tight pants can reduce canvasser. Because tights passes different oppressive strength,this is, quickened haemal circulation, promote the vein circumfluence in the body thereby, the metabolization of seasonable eduction lactic acid. Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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That is to say, wearing tight garment pants, can promote fitness to train medium athletic staying power.

2, tight pants and leotard these ran equip, be helpful for maintaining temperature of motion of muscle of human body first-rateShanghai noble baby

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, the temperature that sweat of hot, platoon discharges in moving quickly adjusts process. Additional, ran takes exercise in, the muscle temperature that keeps appropriate can decrease get hurt odds, assure better ran motion result. This is the main reason that ran wants to wear tight pants.

Ran wears tight pants

3, leotard can reduce fatigue, stimulative movement staying power. The most terrible possibility in ran motion is not the concussion that joint gets, however the resonance that body concussion produces, ran motion produces unripe body resonance, can make body organization, articulatory, cartilage wear away and be destroyed very easily. The person with great weight is affected easily especially by syntonic. Because adiposeA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Resonance frequency and articulatory cartilaginous are very adjacent, and adipose volume is larger, weight is heavier, syntonic result is stronger also.

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