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In common we can go gym fitness, in gym, we are able to exercise. Some people are to reduce weight, some people are to exercise muscle, return some the person is for healthy, there are a lot of equipments when gym takes exercise, every kinds of equipment is aimed at the place that take exercise different, want to exercise humeral ministry to also have designation equipment, the method that gym shoulder ministry exercises knows below.

Gym shoulder ministry exercises a method

We view action of 5 big experienced shoulders below:

Choose of 1. sitting position dumbbell

This movement is most the foundation also is the most classical shoulder ministry increases flesh action, the correctional shoulder ministry is potential lopsided problem when it is training. When making barbell press, because lose by force to differ and be brought about,your humeral ministry often is met participate in the degree that send force to differ, come so humeral ministry cannot send force normally forever, and because be barbell, you discover the problem is in very hard, more do not carry correctional. But if be dumbbell, the circumstance differred, above all you can discover very quickly is which a side more fragile, if this motion can be made before the mirror more perfect, you can look at a mirror in oneself find out declining that a side, fragile a side will be normally crooked fiercer.

·With erupt force pushs dumbbell, the head rise as dumbbell is forward small extend, can avoid bosom to share hair power so, next divide evenly fast control ground calls in dumbbell position of rest;

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Below group 8-12, in all 5 groups, across block rests 90 seconds.

Gym shoulder ministry exercises a method

2. A Nuo choose

A Nuo choose is a of common dumbbell choose aberrant movement, in the toe-int that it can pay attention to exciting deltoid more under photograph comparing bundle and humeral sleeve. And this movement can let a lot of small flesh group share hair power, in order to balances whole upper limbs, these small flesh group call a balance flesh again.

·A correct A Nuo choose is so do: Control handholds upcountry before dumbbell park bosom, body of arm press close to, as dumbbell slowly up, arm of pass on coming back till control is outward, in top1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Keep systole one second, next divide evenly fast control ground calls in dumbbell position of rest, the arm rotates in the process that call in, in the bottom upright control can return initiative inward condition;

·Below every groups of 8-12, in all 4 groups, across block rests 90 seconds.

3. barbell erect row

The flesh that this movement basically is aimed at group it is deltoid in bundle with inclined square flesh, secondary participates in flesh group it is flesh of deltoid toe-int, lozenge and roundlet flesh. This movement is compound movement, and need very standard pose undertakes, get hurt very easily otherwise, this also is why this movement is called ” shoulder killer ” .

·You can choose straight lever barbell to perhaps bend lever barbell, the pressure of the adversary wrist that bends lever normally is less, both hands is grasped be apart from slightly narrow at shoulder breadth, back is erect, elbow small music, the two side that use shoulder send force to mention barbell up, elbow is carried outwards up; Whole journey barbell leans body closely, at the same time elbow from beginning to end prep above small arm, rise to barbell to be able to come up against chin or slightly under chin, next divide evenly fast slow fast transfer to a lower level is answered former;

·Every groups of 8-12 second, in all 5 groups, across block rests 90 seconds.

Gym shoulder ministry exercises a method

4. dumbbell side is made the same score lift

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This movement can effective ” calcination ” deltoid, enhancing humeral ministry while promote its flexibility, want the biggest the accuracy that the profit that turns this movement needs to assure a movement.

·Begin from the dumbbell of a pair of lighter weight, small music of coxa ministry and knee, raise two dumbbell from flank, one second stays in topmost systole, put down slowly next; The point of this movement depends on whole journey needing to make sure elbow is parallel or prep above artifice, in top when elbow should keep balance with humeral ministry;

·Every groups 12, in all 5 groups, across block rests 90 seconds.

5. barbell / dumbbell hunchs

Hunch this movement is an isolated movement that is aimed at inclined square flesh, proposal dumbbell hunchs and barbell hunchs alternant loop trains, because of barbellShanghai noble baby

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Hunch can let you undertake training with greater weight, and dumbbell hunchs can let you undertake training with more big exercise limits, because this is mixed,rise experienced effect is better.

·Regard humeral ministry as the last movement of training, hunch should undertake with degressive group; Choose to be able to let you spell old order to do first most weight of 15, next every are finished 15 times decrease heavy 30% the left and right sides, nonstop, undertake issueing a group immediately, decrease like that undertake the 3rd group immediately again again, 90 seconds can rest after the 3rd group finishs, such 3 groups calculate a movement one round; Remember be being done extent of shift of humeral ministry around does not let too big as far as possible when hunching, also do not pull barbell with 3 or dumbbell, in top when keep one second.

·Every groups are done 15 times, every rounds do 3 groups, across block is nonstop, every rounds between1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Can rest 90 seconds.

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