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Chapter introduction

A lot of people feel to be able to grow sarcous later in strong and handsome training, actually often this moment is to won’t feel to grow among him body have sarcous, exercise an end however instead the following restore motion to just can feel sarcous grows, so we are absolutely cannot enough oversight is dropped every time rehabilitation moves, this can have a haler figure to male friends is quite crucial issue, meet otherwise of make a futile effort.

, activity combines a magic art

Its method is a dynamical drill and static power drill organic union rises, after be being moved first static. Do first namelyShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Motivation practices coming the limit, secure the angle that exercises place in need to go up to still exert oneself to do sth. after that 6-8 second, can drill 2-4 group.

For example: ? Department of  pace Min is able to bear or endure small piece of land surrounded by water? sends a hall to the upper arm 2 flesh) the weight that uses 60-70% first does 6-8 second, secure ancon joint to make the included angle of the upper arm and antebrachium becomes 90 degrees after that, hold to 6-8 second, make 2-4 group.

2, restrain concede the form is legal

Practice with motivation (restrain a gender to contract) heavy. Answer 5-6 second, do work of sex of second concede of 2-3 of the redo after rising. Such binding energy makes muscle gets deeper stimulation.

3, first exhaustion law

This is the effective method that increases muscle to surround diameter at present. Its practice is. Want to develop that fertilizerA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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The flesh, choose to develop this sarcous only first local muscle practices train, do 6-10 second till exhaustion, make its fail, it is next in 3-5 second run to additional appliance, the integrated muscle that does to be given priority to in order to develop this muscle group exercise, achieve the limit with the weight of 79% , train 4 groups or so alternately so, muscle can experience huge to stimulate. According to research, such effectively exciting muscle grow, promote its growth. Citing is as follows.

With fail first the principle sends the methodological; that amounts to pectoralis major

Develop the local and effective exercise of pectoralis major is to lie on one’s back flyer, and develop the integrated flesh such as pectoralis major group the exercise is wide grasp lie push, it besides developing pectoralis major, before forehead of development humerus triceps, deltoid is mixed, still can curium flesh. If will lie on his back,flyer is mixed lie push union to rise hold training, criterion the effect can compare pure practice to be close friends euqally. Is its method: ? ? Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Arouse to be used first can lift 6-10 only second weight is done lie on one’s back flyer practices, until rise not to come, back-to-back move runs to lie the 60-70% weight that shifts the act before wearing to get ready first1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Do lie push, endeavor to raise a number, until rise not to calculate a group, do 4 groups or so in all, accumulative total always carries momentum makes an appointment with the left and right sides 50 times for 8 groups.

And pursuit motion capacity does not need when beginning to have campaign most, andForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Not be oneself carry momentum is bigger, can grow sarcous so, should make a more reasonable fitness plan however, inchoate moment as far as possible want slowly the difficulty that enhances oneself, the muscle that just can let oneself so only has to transfer period, the condition that won’t appear to stretch tight closely.

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