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Cream biscuit and so on when, often can need carry cream, but because use the inadequacy of makings,a lot of him people are done inside the home, perhaps do not have so much feed capable person off-the-pegly, do not do give true butter, actually butter wants to notice when do, want to master good method and skill, how does albumen make cream additionally, this also is the problem that a lot of people pay close attention to, need special attention.

How does albumen make cream

Milk products

Often need butter when doing and so on of cake, approach glacial Qi, biscuit, a lot of people meet him to be done in the home, so is egg white dismisses butter? Abstain butter to you can eat directly?

Is egg white dismisses butter


Dismiss egg white is the measure of the cake that make, egg white + candy, the thing like butter can become after be being hit with eggbeater agitate, this is not true butter actually, however albumen frost.

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Law of the egg that use component makes sponge cake or be Qi Feng when cake, want to use frostlike powder of this kind of albumen. Additional, candy frost still can use albumen to make Christmas gingersnap room above the modelling of snow.

Butter, cheese is done with milk, it is milk products, one is an egg, how likely same think oneself make cream, hit all the time with milk- – very tired, buy directly off-the-peg, not expensive alsoLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Technology of oily hydrogen sulfide of time country plant is then immature use dozen of epispastic egg white mix into to suckle essence to make substitute of a kind of butter into Xian Niu city of a gleam of of home of 80 time end converts complete fat butter but 90 time still have fraction area to use.

How does albumen make cream

Abstain butter to be able to eat directly

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Butter also is called rare butter, it is to be opposite complete fatNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Get in the depart of the grandma. In separate course, in milk adipose because of specific gravity different, the adipose ball with light quality is in with respect to meeting float superstratum, make cream. The adipose content in butter is the 20%-30% of complete fat milk only.

Weak butter also makes rare cream, point to the animal butter that can dismiss back up flower is used commonly, adipose content is in commonly 35% , dismissing is cake after solid shape above illuminative butter. The nutrient value interpose of weak butter is mixed at complete fat milk between butter, and the photograph is more healthy to plant butter, because did not add candy, say so for weak butter.

How does albumen make cream

Surplus is used before early of our country people the principle of adipose rise is made take rare butter. Weak butter is usable at ordinary times in be added at coffee and tea, also can use the desert that make and candy.

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